Junior Developer – Louisville, KY

Are you wanting to be a near-bleeding-edge nerd? Maybe a just-out-of-school geek who is itching to become a ninja? Already have some skills that can get you kicked off and running fast? Do you have a bunch of awesome side projects you’ve been working? If you are early in your career, motivated, a quick learner, and have a decent general basis of knowledge – then consider joining El Toro’s Louisville-based team.

See, we are this crazy, thrill-seeking team that has more than quadrupled and we’re growing fast. Our model lets us develop, design, create, and implement incredible solutions for our customers, and speed is of the essence. We’ve been successful beyond our most liberal projections and need to both scale up our existing services as well as execute on a lot of fun R&D projects.

We need some junior developers to help our team of A players. This is a great chance to get major experience – 1 year here is like 4 years anywhere else. As fast as we can, we are building custom web applications, microservices, and infrastructure for use by our employees and our customers. Things have come a long way, and we have a lot more to go.

There are a few tech stacks here, what you use depends on the project and team. We are pushing for elastic or ephemeral microservice architecture (wherever we can), and within that structure there’s some latitude for picking your own tools, as long as the choices can be justified and the skills learned by the rest of the devs.

Here are a few of the technologies we use:
AWS, Lambda, Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, Cassandra, Mongodb, C, Java, Scala, Python, Flask, NodeJS, MeteorJS, React, Bootstrap (lots more)
We will soon add a few more functional languages to the mix, for ETL: Elixir or Haskell.
We also have fun ongoing R&D projects involving data analytics, predictive modeling, deep math and algorithms determining bidding models, fancy UI work, complex datasource integrations at staggering speeds, robust and security minded self-testing, etc…

Mottos we live by:

  • “Nothing is ever done, it can always be improved.”
  • “Make it work, make it right, make it fast… (refactor)”
  • “Anything is possible.”
  • … and pretty much anything from http://bit.ly/2cWFyfD

Next Step:

El Toro is the fastest growing company in Louisville, we have achieved that status by building a team of talented professionals that like to work hard and play hard. Strong benefits and compensation including arguably the most fun work environment in the region. If you are corporate, unimaginative or just a stick in the mud forget everything you just saw, this job is not for you. Otherwise please send a resume and GitHub username/link to hr@eltoro.com or check out our careers page for more information.

To apply for this job email your details to hr@eltoro.com