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5/23/17 - These are Louisville's 6 most likeable CEOs.

5/17/17 - El Toro kicks off Running With the Bulls.

3/22/17 - Leadership Louisville Center’s Leadership Summit which included El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs.

2/22/17 - El Toro announces USPS rate discounts for ad campaigns that use its tech.

2/9/17 - Stacy talks on targeting real people and serving them digital display ads and videos based on their physical address.

2/6/17 - The University of Louisville invited Stacy Griggs to speak on building and scaling a company.

1/31/17 - Stacy Griggs speaks on why Entreprenurs should stay in Louisville.

10/26/16 -WDRB talks with El Toro about Google Fiber's expansion plans.

10/15/16 - Hyperpersonalization presented by Stacy Griggs.

10/5/16 - LEO reviews Stacy's panel discussion at IdeaFestival.

10/4/16 - David Stadler speaks at the LBF 40 Under 40 Luncheon.

10/3/16 - TechRepublic discusses talent attraction with El Toro.

9/27/16 - Talent attraction in Louisville: 5 things to know.

9/22/16 - USA Today reviews El Toro's views on the opportunity gap in Louisville.

9/6/16 - Digging into Louisville's opportunity gap.

7/13/16 - Stacy and David named E&Y Regional Entrepreneurs of the Year.

6/9/16 - Stacy speaks along with the USPS at the CampaignExpo on pairing direct mail with digital advertising.

6/3/16 - Kentucky Forward provides an update on El Toro's new HQ in downtown Louisville.

6/1/16 - Lane Report discusses El Toro's $2.1 million expansion project.

6/1/16 - The Courier Journal reports on bullish El Toro's new headquarters.

6/1/16 - Business First gives a first look inside El Toro's new headquarters.

6/1/16 - Insider Louisville takes a look inside El Toro's new headquarters.

5/29/16 - Southeast by Midwest.

3/7/16 - El Toro's CEO, Stacy Griggs, selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur!

3/2/16 - Business First discusses El Toro's latest patent-pending ad tech, Digital New Movers.

2/29/16 - How much does it cost to become President? Entrepreneur uses El Toro's infographic to answer this question.

2/24/16 - Tech Republic discusses El Toro's findings on how much it will cost to become the US President in 2016.

2/23/16 - Venture Connectors hosts tech startup El Toro. Read More Here.

2/12/16 - Wave 3 News interviews the El Toro team on how Google Fiber will impact the Louisville tech industry.

2/11/16 - El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs quoted in Wave 3 News about bringing Google Fiber to Louisville, KY. Watch here.

2/9/16 - Huffington Post asks El Toro How Much Does It Cost to Buy the Presidency?

12/11/15 - El Toro wins Louisville Business First's “Emerging Company of the Year” award.

10/30/15 - says El Toro has the best bourbon bar in town.

10/30/15 - El Toro's bourbon bar is reviewed by Insider Louisville.

10/15/15 - El Toro is named as a finalist to Louisville Business First's “Business of the Year” awards

6/24/15 - See NewsMax's interview with Stacy talking about the future of digital advertising.

6/19/15 - El Toro named one of the Coolest Offices in Louisville by Business First.

6/17/15 - Talk Radio News Service interviews El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs about targeting voters.

6/16/15 - Bloomberg highlights how El Toro's technology was used to help win the presidency of Guyana.

6/15/15 - Insider Louisville discusses El Toro's usage in presidential politics.

6/1/15 - Tech Republic interviews El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs on how to fund your startup without venture capital.

5/26/15 - El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs quoted in Insider Louisville about creating a more robust startup community in Louisville.

5/8/15 - El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs to speak at the DMFB Conference in Raleigh, NC.

4/28/15 - El Toro announces integration with TapAnalytics.

12/22/14 - discusses how El Toro helps brands market to millennials.

12/22/14 - Insider Louisville reviews Captive Audience.

12/16/14 - Business First recognizes El Toro as one of Louisville's top startups.

12/16/14 - Captive Audience by El Toro featured in Alltop. 12/15/14 - El Toro recognized for helping public school students discover STEM careers.

12/15/14 - El Toro officially launches Captive Audience to better target college students.

11/26/14 - Captive Audience by El Toro featured in PR News

10/21/14 - Capture Higher Ed talks about how they are using El Toro to better target students.

10/14/14 - El Toro profiled in Louisville Businesses First.

10/1/14 - El Toro named to GLI Hot Dozen.

9/9/14 - El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs named a mentor for Startup Weekend Louisville.

3/30/14 - El Toro presents at Venture Connectors.

3/18/14 - TechRepublic features El Toro and our IP Targeting Technology.

3/13/14 - The Rusty Satellite Show recently caught up with El Toro CEO Stacy Griggs to discuss the Louisville technology scene for their podcast.

3/6/14 - Insider Louisville, catches up with the team at El Toro to discuss our company and technology.

2/24/14 - Insider Louisville, discusses El Toro's session at Open Coffee Louisville.

10/29/13 - catches up with El Toro CEO to discuss Louisville and startups.