How to Correctly Brand Your Ads

Building brand awareness is a key part of running an effective marketing campaign. When using IP targeting, it is important to build a strong message to attract your highly targeted audience. Once a campaign is submitted, it goes through a series of steps to check and audit the campaign. Without a proper branding the creatives will be rejected which will delay the campaign from going live.  In order to pass audit the logo, company name, or name of website have to visible on the creative and align with the branding of the landing page. You must have an identifying factor between the landing page and the creative.

These ads we created for our very own Sofie Stadler are examples of a properly and improperly branded ad. The one on the left is correct, and the one on the right is incorrect. The El Toro logo matches the logo on the landing page, and the “Paid for by El Toro” is also a clear brand identifier. The landing page,, will be a match for the ad on the left. If the creative on the right were submitted it would be rejected.  If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Sofie for America Sofie for America bad


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