Marketing Segmentation

Marketing Segmentation For Digital Advertising By: Connor Gaffney Everyone in the business world is familiar with marketing segmentation. Students are taught the importance of it early on in their academic career, establishing a crucial skill for them. The four primary methods of segmentation are: Geographic, Psychographic, Demographic and Behavioral. All four have their use depending on the audience a company wants to go after. The consumer is everything, and being able to understand who your...

Online Advertising Platforms

Top Online Advertising Platforms For Generating Leads By: Kramer Caswell In the ever-expanding space of advertising technology platforms, few stand out as the most sustainable and reliable for generating actual leads. For El Toro, our method of identity resolution is through MatchBack Analysis. In other words, we base the performance of a digital advertising campaign on sales, not metrics like CTR. There are a small number of online advertising platforms for generating leads. Our team...

What Is A Lookalike Audience?

Lookalike Audience: The Modern Method of Advertising At Scale By: Aaron Peabody Lookalike audiences are a modern method of advertising typically associated with Facebook and Google but are used by multiple different platforms, El Toro included. The process for generating lookalike audiences involves taking a list of previous customer data (known as your “base audience”), uploading it to the ad platform and selecting criteria or interests that audience has in common. Based upon the selected...

What is Identity Resolution?

Answering Your Questions On Identity Resolution By: Jeremy Sneed If you’re reading this, likely you’re familiar with El Toro and the fact that we own our very own one of a kind IP Targeting technology. If truly you know us well enough, then you know the core beauty behind our tech is the ability to target people with unbelievable levels of accuracy via the IP address. What can companies do to leverage this knowledge? By...

Advertising Metrics

When analyzing the success of an advertising campaign, most agencies and platforms utilize the same metrics. The ad jargon used to show the outcome of an ad campaign can get a little distorted with so many numbers thrown together. Here is how we do it:

Programmatic Advertising

What is programmatic advertising? Specifically, what is programmatic ad buying? If you’re in the business of marketing or advertising, programmatic advertising is something you will want to be well versed in as it continues to increase its prominence every year in the digital advertising world. Learn the four types of programmatic for your next digital ad campaign!

Truth In Advertising

The beauty of advertising is you can show off your brand in any way you wish. How many places have can you pass in New York City claiming to have the “world’s best cup of coffee”? In the end, the truth is, you have to advertise the truth.

5 Banner Ad Guidelines

Banner Ad Guidelines To Follow In 2018 By: Kramer Caswell Banner ads are our specialty here at El Toro. Each day, our team reviews banner ads to make sure they pass the required creative audit before serving. With years of experience, our AdOps specialists have become some of the most knowledgeable in the field on what works with creatives and what doesn’t. Building off of our last post regarding landing page best practices, here are...

10 Landing Page Best Practices

Consider some of these best practices when designing or editing your landing page. Here at El Toro, we want to work with you to optimize your digital advertising in every sense possible. Full optimization means having a stellar landing page in the mix. Learn how to make incredible landing pages with our top 10 best practices!

Introducing: The El Toro Podcast!

We really dig podcasts here at El Toro! Members of our team listen to them while grinding through work. Our team wanted to provide an atmosphere where people can talk about tech from the layman's view, drink bourbon and sometimes plug El Toro (we like money). So, we started the El Toro Podcast!         We’re excited to provide more valuable content for our users. Our goal with the podcast is to provide...