Captive Audience Press Release

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El Toro Launches Highly Accurate Digital Advertising Targeting Solution for College Students

Louisville, KY, December 15, 2013/El Toro/- Digital advertising innovator, El Toro announced today the general availability of its product for on-campus targeting of digital advertising to students.  Called Captive Audience, this product allows brands to digitally advertise directly to college students while on campus.

By using Captive Audience brands can leverage El Toro’s powerful IP targeting platform to target students at colleges and universities while they are on campus.  Research shows that over 90% of students interact with brands digitally and that the average student spends more time online that on all other forms of media combined.  Additionally, the brands that millennials begin to build relationships with in school are often the brands they trust for the rest of their lives.  “Large consumer brands are highly interested in getting their message to millennials; however the traditional methods of targeting digital ads often miss the mark with this audience.” said Captive Audience, Director of Operations Pat McLaughlin. McLaughlin went on to say “our customers were asking us for a cost effective way to reach this audience.” There are 21.6 million students enrolled in colleges and universities in the US and their discretionary spending is expected to exceed $163 billion this year.

Most forms of advertising focus on cookies, online behavior correlation or both.  By mapping IP addresses to university campuses Captive Audience allows advertisers to access the large segment of users whose devices do not accept cookies.  Additionally, since El Toro allows brands to target on a campus-by-campus level, advertisers can tailor their message granularly to each campus.

About El Toro

Based in Louisville, KY El Toro is the premier provider of digital ad targeting via Internet Protocol (IP) address.  Our patent pending products include services that target households based on customer CRM or modeled data, target trade show attendees while they are on-site at a conference and target college students at over 1,000 campuses nationwide.

Stacy Griggs, CEO
El Toro
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