Senior Level Developer

Louisville, KY | Anywhere

Calling all hard-core Software Architects / Developers -- We’re looking for the best and brightest computer scientists in the world. To be a senior level developer at El Toro means to be indispensable. If you have a decade’s worth of computer science experience, and believe your cut out to be a leader on our team, then perhaps you should consider applying for the position. However, if you are not the best developer you know, then this job probably isn’t for you. The successful candidate will be able to translate high-level requirements into design documents, system architecture, and kick-ass code. You must be a superstar to qualify for this position and be able to prove it through various methods. We mean it when we say we’re searching for absolute ninja’s of the trade -- Individuals who exemplify a high degree of supremacy and command in the industry.


  • 10+/- years working as a developer or 10+ years equivalent experience

Expert in, and have applicable experience in using, multiple of the following databases and/or programming languages and/or services:

  • Cassandra
  • Mongodb
  • SQLite
  • Other NoSQL or Relational DB’s
  • Python
  • C / C++
  • Scala / Java
  • GoLang / Go
  • NodeJS / MeteorJS
  • Linux based servers
  • AWS
  • Docker
  • Horizontal / Vertical Scaling solutions
  • Machine Learning
  • Neural Networking
  • BIG Data experience
  • and/or others..
  • Deep System & Networking experience


  • Have an active GitHub
  • Enjoy problem solving and constant learning
  • Likes to work in a team, and/or pair programming
  • Test-Driven development exposure is beneficial
  • Is an innovator

Next Steps
El Toro is the fastest growing company in Louisville, we have achieved that status by building a team of talented professionals that like to work hard and play hard. Strong benefits and compensation including arguably the most fun work environment in the region. If you are corporate, unimaginative or just a stick in the mud forget everything you just saw, this job is not for you. Otherwise click below to apply.