Case Study: El Toro and Jewelry Stores

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for jewelers to get the word out. With romance in the air (and wallets open), IP targeted advertising is extremely effective for jewelry stores. When it comes to jewelry, consumers will pay for higher quality. The same goes with IP targeting- we use the highest quality advertising method on the planet, eliminating 100% of bot traffic,and placing digital display ads with surgical precision.

El Toro delivers online display and video ads to all devices on a specified household’s home IP address, and our patented technology makes us the only firm in the world that can do it. Backed with our user-friendly portal, El Toro gives clients the tools they need to advertise digitally at the highest possible level. All we need are names and addresses, and we can start targeting potential customers, and turn them into clicks, engagement, traffic, and sales dollars.

But don’t take our word for it…check out this case study for a jewelry store campaign we ran in 2015. In just 20 days, El Toro was able to prove a lift of 71.24% compared to those that did not receive IP targeted advertisements. This campaign targeted family households near the store for a Father’s Day initiative. The ads that were served showcased the unique timepieces for men available in the store, leading El Toro’s IP targeting generated 278 conversions. That leaves this campaign with a conversion rate of 1.81%! The campaign served a little under 67,670 impressions, and garnered 268 clicks, giving us a CTR of .399%, miles above industry averages of .06%! Check out the numbers below from our matchback analysis:


Sample Size Conversions Percent Conversion Rate Improvement
Targeted 15,378 278 67.64% 1.81% 71.24%
Control 12,598 133 32.36% 1.06%
Total 27,976

El Toro should be every digital marketer’s Valentine. Generate more traffic, conversions, and sales dollars with El Toro IP targeting.

The technology works across tons of industries- from jewelers to gyms; from large insurance corporations, to non-profit firms. Straightforward and simple- El Toro works. To learn more about how El Toro can take your firm’s marketing initiatives to the next level, contact us, or read more at our blog.


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