Case Study: El Toro and Tafel Motors

What is El Toro?

El Toro has developed a revolutionary digital targeting tool that focuses online advertising to households based on their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. El Toro integrates off-line household information with IP data to produce extraordinarily effective targeting segments that contain only qualified prospects. El Toro’s proven process delivers the most relevant online advertising to a client’s true audience, growing lead conversions and sales dollars.


Company Profile

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Tafel Motor Co. has been selling luxury vehicles in the Louisville market for over 50 years, and their reputation for superior customer service is well known. Customers often come from surrounding areas like Elizabethtown, Frankfort, and Southern Indiana to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz from Tafel.

There is a big difference in people who want a Mercedes and those who can afford a Mercedes. Online digital targeting with cookies can make it difficult to accurately hit this qualified affluent target with discretionary income. Reaching customers that are in the market for a luxury automobile is paramount, and our digital IP platform has proven to be a successful targeting mechanism. Check out our results:


Campaign Strategy

This particular campaign utilized Tafel’s existing data pool for leases that were expiring soon and a conquest list of people who owned other luxury brand vehicles. These two groups were set up as separate campaigns, and messaging corresponded to the vehicle currently owned of that particular target.

For example, someone whose lease was going to expire on an E-Class Mercedes received an ad for the new E-Class, and M-Class lessees received the M-Class ad, etc.


Measurable Client Results

El Toro was able to use our match-back analysis to match those targeted, with customers that made purchases during their sale periods. During the Sale/Lease Special, customers from our initial data cohort generated a total of 46 sales and leases. Of these conversions, 32 came from our IP Targeting campaign.

• 32 transactions attributed to the campaign

• 80% higher conversion rate for customers who received targeted display ads

$383,286 in incremental revenue generated from these additional sales.

Now that's some ROI! El Toro doesn't work just for automotive sales- it works for any marketing initiative- from jewelry stores to gyms; from pest control to financial management.

Simply put: El Toro works.

To learn more about how El Toro IP targeting can take your marketing to the next level, contact us or read more in our blog.


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