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El Toro observes over 90 billion advertising impressions per day. We are capable of serving on approximately 94% of the daily available ad inventory online. Popular sites where El Toro places ads include but are not limited to: Weather Channel, ESPN, Yahoo, USA Today, Forbes, People.com, and CNN.


Our tech has the ability to target ads to specific households or devices of your choosing with ensured accuracy. While we have a default list of sites we do and do not place banner ads on, we can accommodate almost any request for customization.


We can serve audiences video ads at the right place and the right time, increasing efficiency. Though most of our inventory is pre-roll, we offer mid-roll and post-roll video placements as well.


OTT Video ads amplify your marketing reach through the expanding world of streaming. We can use OTT ads to target your customers with precision, reaching them when they are watching regardless of scheduling.

With El Toro’s patented technology, we can give you a more efficient TV buy, eliminating ad fraud and achieving completion rates as high as 90 percent.

Direct Mail

We partner with numerous Print Houses around the country to give customers the option to incorporate IP Targeting in conjunction with direct mail campaigns. We have found that pairing IP Targeting with direct mail and coordinating their deployment greatly increases the overall advertising effectiveness.


Native Ads have the ability to integrate seamlessly into their surroundings and user experience. Viewers typically donʼt notice they are paid ads, resulting in a subtle and non-disruptive advertising experience that is well-received.


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