What is Dayparting?


Dayparting Example

Dayparting Example

Dayparting is the process of breaking down a given day into targeting time slots. It requires finding what time of day is best suited to advertise to your clients using a combination of demography and audience analytics. Dayparting has been around a long time and is used extensively in radio and television advertising campaigns to help segment the proper audience. A number of online ad networks including Facebook and Google allow you to daypart your traffic. Facebook in particular has a robust feature set for dayparting your ad campaigns.  One of the key benefits of using El Toro to target your traffic instead of the native tools in Facebook or Google is that we span over 30 different ad networks.  Whereas Facebook can only serve traffic on Facebook, we can serve ad traffic on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, MSN or any number of other advertising networks.

With traditional media properties, weekday timetables are broken down into several slots with the first being the early morning slot. Next, there is the daytime slot over lunch breaks and through the late afternoon hours. This typically runs from 12:00 Noon until 4:00 PM  Finally, there are the prime time and late night slots, which occurs during dinner hours and after. Depending on the targeted demographic, different time slots work better for various campaigns.  If you have used television or radio advertising, the dayparts described above will be familiar to you. Another advantage of our online advertising platform is that we can be more granular with dayparts, typically breaking them down into 1 hour increments.

At El Toro, our standard dayparts for most campaigns run from 8 AM - 11 PM local time. This time span was chosen because our research indicates that in normalized campaigns, these are the times of day to achieve the highest resonance with your audience.  However, not all audiences behave the same way and as such, we review each campaign “in flight” to improve the effectiveness of your ads via adjustments to the dayparts.  For example, if we see your ads are preforming better in the afternoons than the morning, we will typically turn off ad targeting in the mornings. Due to El Toro’s ongoing campaign optimization, most clients see improved results as their campaign progresses.

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