Device ID Targeting

Advertising for the 21st Century: Real-World Consumer Insights
By: Jeremy Sneed

There’s a lot of exposure and limelight around our out-of-this-world IP Targeting. In the midst of such hype, what sometimes goes underwritten is our Device ID Targeting.

In the case of Device ID Targeting, you’re targeting devices rather than locations.

Yes, IP Targeting is as revolutionary as they say, but the El Toro expertise doesn’t end there. Spanning beyond our IP Targeting, Device ID Targeting is just as powerful of a tool for the El Toro machine.

We’re here to give you a better grasp of just how Device ID Targeting is changing the way we do advertising.


Device ID Targeting is giving us completely new insights into building consumer audiences.

What is Device ID Targeting

But seriously, what is Device ID Targeting?

First, Device IDs are unique identifiers that are attributed to each individual smart device. Your smart device literally has its own unique code. In the sense of how you have your own unique fingerprint, your phone has its own set of digits to set it aside from all other smart devices.

To know it all: Device IDs (MAIDs or Mobile Advertising ID) are obtained by our system when a device is identified as being within a specified location. Once identified and procured, we can then serve ads to those Device IDs.

All in all, Device ID Targeting is the process of using Device IDs for the purpose of delivering ads to a specified individual. 

How this works alongside IP Targeting

When it comes to our IP Targeting, our secret has always resided in our flawless ability to take physical addresses and turn them into their correlating IP addresses. El Toro can then turn this IP address into a qualified target which we then can use for hyper-accurate, digital ad targeting. We then are able to deliver ads directly to specified households and smart devices within that home. Smart devices means all devices, desktop computers, phones, tablets, and any other smart mobile devices.

With IP Targeting, we’re sending ads based solely on the address alone. Typically this is used for home addresses and household targeting. 

Devices that are pulled for targeting come from locations or points of interest. After they are seen within a location or point of interest, we can then serve ads to the now pulled Device ID. By doing this, we’re serving ads to the devices rather than serving ads to the actual location itself.

Once a device has been identified in a location, ads can be served beginning 24 hours after the device has left the identified location. 

The El Toro Difference

This isn’t cookies

None of what we do for Device ID Targeting is online-based. We aren’t tracking people online and we aren’t engaging in cookie-based tracking. 

deviceWhat our Device ID Targeting does is pull real-world activity. Using real-world data is another aspect that further allows El Toro to eliminate any chance of fraud through the advertising process. 

When El Toro pulls devices through our Geo-Framing technology, we’re providing devices in which we have a 95% or greater confidence rating behind, just like our IP Targeting. In this, we have at least 95% confidence that we are matching the correct Device ID with the correct individual. This is unique in that unlike other providers, we use no online data to make this possible.

El Toro’s Mastering of Device ID Targeting

The El Toro product that leverages Device ID Targeting most prominently is Venue Replay.

Venue Replay uses our patented Geo-Framing technology. Through this, we’re taking distinct locations and mapping them to the exact square meters. After we use Geo-Framing to map, Venue Replay then pulls devices seen within 24 hours to 6 months in the past within the mapped location. 

Timeframe specification can be as granular as desired. We can pull devices from a particular hour in which an event was going on. On the contrary, we can also pull all devices that were within a location over the course of the past 6 months.

Altogether, step 1: we map locations of your choosing step 2: we pull devices that were within the mapped area, step 3: we pull devices from a timeframe of your choosing, then we target these devices with ads.

The El Toro Possibilities of Device ID Targeting


Device ID Targeting through Venue Replay allows for us to take any locations of interest in the nation and pull the devices of those seen within. 

The possibilities here are endless. Interest points like sports venues, political rallies, college campuses, even competitor business locations are all just the start of the list.

Take a new politician running for office. We can map any of this candidate’s party’s political events and pull the devices of those within. A new coffee shop in your part of town can map out the locations of nearby competitor coffee shops. 

Venue Replay tends to get a lot of publicity. After all, it is a one of a kind technology and continuously recognized as the best of its class. 

In recent years, El Toro has put our Device ID Targeting to use for another purpose, data enhancement. By being able to identify what locations consumers have been seen at, we can provide insights behind our client’s consumer lists. 

Device ID Targeting Enriching Your Data

Take for example one of our most recent case studies that highlight our Device ID Targeting data enhancement. 

It began when an NFL Team brought to El Toro their consumer acquisition list. By using our Device ID Targeting, we were able to segment out this team’s consumer lists. 

We mapped out country clubs, private airports, and exclusive hotels to show consumer wealth trends. Cross-referencing with their lists, we were able to show who among their consumer lists were noted as being of high-income. 

With this knowledge now at their disposal, the team could more accurately adapt their sales approach per consumer. For consumers that were noted as being of high-wealth levels, for example, the team offered more luxury-priced ticket packages.

The results of this campaign speak for themselves.

The Facts

The Relevance of Device ID Targeting

Device ID Targeting is becoming an increasingly vital add-on to your advertising strategies. 

2016 was the first prominently recognized year that mobile web browsing surpassed that of desktop browsing. As of this year, it was stated by Pew Research that near 81% of people owned a smartphone. On top of this, studies have concluded that on average people spend around four hours a day on their smart devices.


With this knowledge and our technology, we’re using increasingly digital-based way of life to our advantage. What we’re able to do with our Device ID Targeting is give real and tangible insights into consumers’ everyday lives. We can see the places people are shopping, where they eat dinner, what events they attend. With Device ID Targeting, we are providing a way to build audiences based on actual consumer behavior evidence.

Let’s break this down. It’s 2019, we know now more than ever people always have their smart device with them. Typically, more often than not people are making use of them as well, giving over a fourth of their waking hours to phone time.

Device ID Targeting through El Toro translates relatively simply. People are on their phones constantly and we’re using that location-enabled data to build custom audiences based on real insights.

Personalization goes further with Device ID Targeting

All jargon aside, Device ID Targeting is quite honestly completely revolutionary. The fact that we can bypass the need for online and privacy-invasive tracking is in and of itself original. Instead, we can show where real consumers are spending their money in the real world. 

The ability for personalization is another rewarding aspect of Device ID Targeting. Through this technology, we can provide true consumer insights for personalizing ad messaging.


When you can see exactly where people have been, this opens up to creating messaging that’s highly relevant to your audience. Create a special offer for students on a college campus for recruitment. Offer a competitor’s customers a special promotion. Advertise your political candidate to a same-party related event.

Device ID Targeting Wrap-Up

Here in near 2020, Device ID Targeting is the advertising of the future. 

We’re merging to a mobile-device driven world. The more that consumers are online out in the day-to-day world, the more we have insight behind their habits, their tendencies, and their real-world activities.

Take a look for yourself more into Device ID Targeting and how it’s revolutionizing the way we do advertising.

If you think IP Targeting was revolutionary, embrace Device ID Targeting as its fellow advertising opportunity of the 21st Century.



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