Top 5 Digital Advertising Tools for 2018

digital advertising toolsDigital Advertising Tools for Success
By: Estefan Albiero

We’re halfway through 2018, can you believe it? We’ve seen a number of new digital marketing tools and strategies hit the market with varying degrees of success. However, El Toro is home to five tools that make a perfect addition to any marketing arsenal. These techniques are used by some of the world’s biggest agencies and businesses to drive results and cut through the clutter of other digital advertising tools.


#1. IP Targeting

CRM list? Direct mail file? Voter records? With IP Targeting, take postal mailing addresses and turn them into sales by targeting prospects online and in their homes - regardless of device! This is done by matching postal addresses to IP addresses, the IP is then used as the entry point for serving online ads. This makes it possible for us to bring direct mail to the digital age!


digital advertising tools#2. Digital New Movers

Are new households and neighbors to your area a valuable audience segment? Digital New Movers allows advertisers to target audience members in a state or zip code within hours of them moving into a new home. When it comes to mover digital advertising tools, it is great for furniture retail, home services, financial services, dentistries, and more!


#3. Captive Audience

Account Based Marketing brought to the digital world! Target key venues, campuses, business locations, conferences, trade shows, and more with digital advertising tools like El Toro’s Captive Audience. This type of IP Targeting allows advertisers to target entire accounts at the IP or wifi level. This technology is perfect for getting in front of decision-makers at companies big or small, or targeting niche audiences like college students on a campus.


digital advertising tools

#4. Digital Canvassing

If you’re looking for digital advertising tools to expand your audience reach in 2018, this is a go-to. Take an address list, such as one in your company’s sales data or a direct mail list and target your customers’ neighbors with ads. This is the digital answer to yard signs and door-hangers. Digital Canvassing maps household IP addresses within 1,000 meters of each of the original households from a list. From here, we can then serve these neighboring households with online ads.


#5. Reverse Append

Retargeting meets direct mail. Reverse Append allows advertisers to deliver mail pieces to households 24 to 48 hours after any set of behaviors on a website have been conducted. Shopping cart abandonment? Send a mail piece with a check-out offer. Multiple visits to a specific product page? Deliver a message to close the deal. As digital advertising tools have boomed over the last decade and direct mail has declined, marketers are seeing an incredible resurgence in direct mail effectiveness given the decrease in clutter. Reverse Appending allows targeting of audience members who have already shown a propensity to purchase.


Digital Advertising Tools: El Toro

El Toro’s patented IP Targeting technology delivers digital ads to your prospects by matching their IP address with their physical address, bringing a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites the targeted customer visits on the Internet.

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