Digital Canvassing Builds on IP Targeting

Louisville, KY - September 21, 2017

A new technology launched by El Toro named Digital Canvassing is now integrated into the El Toro Portal. Digital Canvassing creates or enlarges target segments by targeting the nearby homes of select mailing records. It offers the same MatchBack Analysis attribution as several of the other El Toro product offerings.

“Digital canvassing is like a digital door knocker. It lets you hit the neighbors of your existing clients,” said Crystal Norman, the Senior National Sales Executive at El Toro. “For most industries, the people nearby existing

clients are similar in lifestyle, home value, household income range, and more. The ‘

Keeping up with the Joneses’ effect makes this tool incredibly powerful, especially when ads can say, ‘We sold your neighbors!’”

This new technology appends the IP address of the homes within 500 meters of a target home and enables advertisers to build audiences or serve relevant messaging to the neighbors of clients in a cost-effective manner.

By virtue of pairing homes and their IP addresses, Digital Canvassing takes advantage of El Toro’s MatchBack Analysis. This type of post-campaign attribution cross-references original targets and sales conversions to prove campaign performance.

El Toro is a privately held Advertising Technology (AdTech) company founded in 2013 that has developed and patented processes to target digital advertising via Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. The El Toro technology is utilized by businesses of every scale -- from small automotive dealerships to the Fortune 50.

To learn more about Digital Canvassing, please send an email


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