Digital New Movers- The difference between Pre, Post, and In Escrow

By Estefan Albiero and Clayton Stewart

By partnering with Speedeon Data, El Toro’s targeting system instantly knows which homes are considered “New Movers” and automatically places ads on their computers. The best part? It’s all programmatic. You don’t need lists, addresses, or any other information information – it’s all built in for you. Pick the ZIP codes, city, or state, load up your ads, and GO.

There are three types of Digital New Mover segments that we can target with pinpoint accuracy- Pre-Mover, Pre-mover In Escrow, and Post Mover. What are the differences between the three?

Pre-Mover: “I am about to sell my home.”

Pre-movers are residential IP addresses that belong to people who have put their home on the market in the last 60 days.

Pre-Mover In Escrow:“I’ve sold my house, however, I haven’t moved yet.”

Pre-movers in Escrow are residential IP addresses that belong to people who have sold their current home, but have yet to move into a new home in the last 60 days.

Post-Mover: “I just moved into a new home.”

Post-Movers are residential IP addresses that belong to people who have moved into a newly-purchased home in the last 60 days.

Every month, 1.8 million people nationwide buy, sell, or move into a new home. On average, each new mover spends $8700 in the eight weeks surrounding their move, making New Movers a $200 billion industry.

There is an extremely narrow window of time to reach these New Movers, and because of the inability to identify someone as a New Mover, it has been almost impossible to strategically advertise to this industry online. Until now. To find out more about new movers, or residential IP targeting, contact El Toro.


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