El Toro Announces Postal Rate Discounts for Campaigns that Combine IP Targeting and Direct Mail

Louisville, KY — Beginning March 1, a new United States Postal Service (USPS) discount program will allow companies that utilize direct mail to qualify for up to 2% off postage costs when they integrate their campaigns with El Toro IP Targeting.

The Postal Service is launching several discount programs that provide incentives to companies when they utilize direct mail paired with innovative digital technologies. These programs offer postage discounts to mailers who use advanced technologies to improve the efficacy or experience associated with a direct mail campaign.  This program will be available from the United States Postal Service from March 1 – Aug. 31, 2017.  And provides 2% discount of First Class Postage when a campaign is also targeting the same prospects digitally using Household Level IP Targeting by El Toro.

According to Stacy Griggs, CEO of El Toro, “This is important for our clients who use direct mail.  Our technology already significantly increases the return on investment (ROI) for direct mail campaigns. By reducing the cost of postage it multiplies the ROI for our partners and clients”.  Per El Toro partner Mike Bann of Bann Business Solutions: “We have used El Toro IP Targeting to power our Digital Direct Mail product for the last three years.  By applying an innovative AdTech product like El Toro to direct mail programs our clients have seen significant increases in results and corresponding reductions in the cost of acquiring additional customers.” 

For additional information or to learn about the process to qualify for the USPS discount, visit the USPS website.

If you are a direct mail provider or brand that uses direct mail and are interested in partnering with El Toro to leverage its industry-leading AdTech with direct mail campaigns, please visit

About El Toro

Louisville, KY based El Toro is an Advertising Technology (AdTech) company that has developed and applied for numerous patents on improved processes to target digital advertising via Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses.  

El Toro maps and provides targeted digital advertising to many high-value locations including households, hotels, college campuses, stadiums, convention centers, government buildings and more.  This data is then used to hyper-target individuals or various groups of people based on location with surgical accuracy.  

El Toro’s technology is most often used by automotive companies, universities, political campaigns, healthcare companies, professional and college sports teams, and other large brands to increase the impact of their digital advertising campaigns.  

El Toro was recently recognized as the E&Y Emerging Entrepreneurs of the Year for the Midwest.  


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