El Toro CEO Statement on Google’s IP Announcement

If Google initiates the IP suppression of their Chrome browser product, it will have no impact on the opt-in app data El Toro collects via our app and SDK partners for mobile location intelligence and targeting. It may ultimately have a small impact on our ability to serve ads; based on current projections and the technical aspects we know of at this point, everything points to this having a similar minimal effect as we saw with the launch of Apple’s Private Relay.

We live in exciting times, and El Toro’s capacity to engage with our customers in solving complex social challenges is unparalleled. For the first time in human history, new forms of data and increased computational power are available to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. At El Toro, our data and tools have been used to increase voter participation, reduce traffic fatalities, and generate increased revenue collection for local communities and cash-strapped governments.

We need to ensure the Internet remains free and fair. We also need to address the fact that too few companies (led by Google) have too much control over the Internet and the impact it has on people’s daily lives. Finally, we need to ensure that individuals have control over their data and understand the impact of their online decisions.

If you have any additional questions about El Toro, please reach out to your account team or email info@eltoro.com.


Stacy Griggs