El Toro featured on Wave3 News: Google Fiber

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February 12, 2016, just days after the Louisville Metro Council voted yes to Google Fiber coming to Louisville, KY, Wave3 News came to the El Toro office to see just how Google Fiber could help tech companies like El Toro grow. Stacy Griggs, El Toro's CEO, said "while many tech companies already like the low cost business environment here and how friendly the community is, the city must do better on connectivity and Google Fiber could be the answer."  Kentucky currently ranks 50 out of 50 states in the USA for internet speed. Tech companies in Louisville are forced to pay a premium for internet that is 1/100 of the speed of Google Fiber.

Currently "it can take five minutes, an hour or several hours," Stacy Griggs said, discussing how internet speeds impact daily activities at El Toro. Carter Mackowiak, who runs statistical and data analysis for El Toro, said that "it will definitely make it faster and easier to process stuff," and that "a lot of times I'll be downloading these large files and it just takes a long time to come through and it would be nice to have it real quick." Even with slow internet, El Toro has been able to create new patent pending technologies which have already disrupted online marketing, just imagine what can be accomplished with the El Toro team waiting minutes instead of hours to do daily activities.

AT&T and Time Warner have been strongly opposed to having Google Fiber come to Louisville, expressing that there are concerns of outages and safety. However, Stacy Griggs believes that AT&T and Time Warner's biggest concern of all is the extra competition. With Google Fiber offering speeds which are 100x faster than what is currently offered and for a fraction of the price, can you blame them for being concerned about the extra competition?

Stacy Griggs believes that Google Fiber coming to Louisville "puts us on par with other great cities from a connectivity standpoint like Austin or Seattle." With Louisville already low cost of doing business environment, having fast, and cheap internet will allow Louisville to compete with the rest of the country for tech companies.