Firefox banning Flash

  • According to (, as of May 2015 21.5% of internet users use Firefox as their main browser.
  • Security warning alerts firefox user that flash is being blocked, given option to allow or block the content
  • Firefox ban is temporary until “there’s a version of flash with publicly known security problems”
  • “hackers often exploit problems within the nearly ubiquitous software to gain control of others' computers”
  • GIF
    • Compatible across all web browsers and mobile devices
    • Slide show of pictures
    • Simple animation
  • Flash
    • Stream video, includes audio
    • Not supported by smartphones

On Monday, July 14th, Mozilla Firefox banned Adobe Flash from loading on its browsers. What does that mean for us and you? Some advertisers generate their animated or video ads using Flash technology. Firefox banning Flash in their web browsers means those impressions will not load on to your segmented market’s computer. Not to worry, there are a few ways to get around this.
First, the ban is temporary and it’s for your own safety. Firefox is banning the use of flash to protect hackers from gaining access to your computers. Also, when a Flash file loads onto your Firefox browser, the user will be prompted to either allow or deny the Flash file from loading.
Secondly, advertisers creating animations using GIFs, Graphics Interchange Format, are able to serve on any browser and mobile devices. This allows for impressions to have the ability to serve freely on any browser, without being blocked.
Firefox banning Flash to their browsers shouldn’t be a big deal in serving out impressions. Firefox is only used on around 21.5% of computers, and users are still able to allow the Flash ads to be served.
At El Toro, we encourage advertisers to generate ads using GIF formats, this allows them the capability of being served on any internet capable device and browser.