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Reshaping the AdTech Industry

El Toro, pioneering transparent digital advertising: curated hyper-precision and unparalleled results that can’t be found anywhere else.

Our founders were fed up with the lack of transparency that accompanied digital advertising, and created an advertising technology of own.

Our secret lies in our ability to execute direct household targeting for digital ads, cross-device and exchange-agnostic. It’s IP Targeting, all with no use of cookies or online tracking. El Toro is the first, and the leading 100% traceable digital advertising and IP Targeting solution.

100% Cookie Free

Our founders were fed up with the lack of transparency and performance with digital advertising, and so, they created an advertising technology of their very own.

While our technology is sublime, patented and nationally recognized, what it executes is relatively simple. What we’re doing is matching home addresses or smart devices to their correlating IP address by pairing massive amounts of offline data with real-time locational data.

The Digital Trinity

Once we obtain a physical address or a smart device ID, we are then able to run this through our algorithms and match these with their correlating IP address. From here, we are able to not only target this home’s IP address, but also any device seen on that IP address, even after they leave.

This opens us up to CRM targeting, targeting consumers seen at events and places of interest, account based marketing, one to one marketing, and more. All of this executed with the same underlying hyper-accurate IP Targeting technology.

You're Wasting Your Money

Digital advertising tends to garner negative feedback, but at an estimated 70 ads seen per day per consumer, there’s a lot of impressions to be taken advantage of.

Robot Pie

Traditional Digital Advertising

  • No transparency
  • No lists beforehand
  • Fraud traffic and bot traffic
  • Incorrect targets (based on online behaviors)
  • Mobile devices block most advertising

The El Toro Advantage

  • Full ROI
  • Transparency in who we're targeting
  • Targets served are seen with 95% accuracy rates
  • We serve across all devices seen within the home

What we are able to do through our patented IP Targeting technology is establish an omnipresence within a user's home. We simply wait for the correct data to align to show a user online and we then obtain their IP address with a 95% or greater confidence rate. From here, we aren’t limited to Facebook or Google’s network of sites, instead, we’re able to serve impressions to users across the web.

El Toro is exchange agnostic, following users across their journey within the digital realm.

El Toro isn’t about just serving up a pretty ad, but rather, following a user across the web, to the point of inspiring a conversion.

Our Products

IP Targeting

Converting physical addresses into IP addresses. Creating the ability to serve ads to specific addresses and all found devices within.

Learn More View Case Study

Captive Audience

Targeting entire corporate environments by serving ads to targets on any network within.

Learn More View Case Study

Venue Replay

Capturing smart Device IDs at any locations of interest, mapping the device back to a home address for targeting.

Learn More View Case Study

Digital Canvassing

Taking a customer list to then targeting all neighbor’s IP address seen within a 500 square meter radius.

Learn More View Case Study

Reverse Append

Transforming anonymous web visitors into physical addresses, enabling us to send direct mail ads.

Learn More View Case Study

Digital New Movers

Getting your ads in front of pre-movers, escrow, and new movers in near real-time.

Learn More View Case Study

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