KY Craft Brewers & KY Judicial Case Studies

Here at ElToro we are always excited to showcase our clients and the positive impacts that we have been able to make on their campaigns.  Here are our two most recent case studies involving political and advocacy efforts in Kentucky.

KY Judicial Primaries:

  • 75% Win Ratio
  • 31% Higher than expected nominal win ratio
  • Candidates received 17% more votes in ElToro hyper-targeted areas than regular countywide areas
  • Click here for the full case study!


KY Craft Brewers Association:

  • Opponent had one of the largest lobbying budgets during the 2015 legislative session
  • ElToro ad campaign generated a CTR 800% higher than the industry average
  • The campaign targeted legislative members at home and at work
  • The bill passed the House and Senate both and then was signed into law by Governor Beshear
  • Click here for the full case study!