Moving First, Presents Second

By Greg Mosley

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, shopping season!  You know, the time of year you get to let everyone know how much you truly cherish their relationship with gifts, baskets, and other various packages wrapped in cardboard and plastic! What could be more fun than holiday shopping at the mall? Moving into your new home of course! 

 When you combine the stress of moving into a new home with holiday shopping, it’s enough to make anyone lose their cool!   I don’t know about you, but if I’m getting ready to move into a new home during the holiday season, I’m doing my present shopping AFTER I move in and not a moment before.  I’m going to have enough on my plate between, packing, planning, boxing, moving, arranging, and managing all of those moving parts, I don’t need wrapping paper, bows, nametags, and stressful trips to the mall.  

Shopping after you move into your new home is the only logical answer.  Last year I bought a house during the holidays and the best advice I can give you is this: Moving is stressful enough, take care of the move, then take care of the presents.  

As much as I like to think I’m special, I’m not. I’m the norm. Marketers and retailers need to understand this type of behavior to capitalize on it.  And they can by using our exclusive ad-tech, Digital New Movers™, which gives advertisers a platform so they can reach new residents in their area in real time with online display banner and video advertisements.

Industry experts expect retail spending to exceed $965 billion dollars between October and December which is short window to reach this audience.

With Digital New Movers™ by El Toro you’ll get to reach them FIRST.  This is superior strategy not only because you’ll get their holiday budget, but since they are new to the area, you have the potential to earn a lifelong customer which is even more valuable than the holiday shopper. 

Our Digital New Movers™ product has been producing phenomenal results for our clients and this strategy is another way of aligning the old adage hit them in the “right place, with the right message, and at the right time”.  To learn more about Digital New Movers™ or any of other El Toro’s ad tech, visit us at


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