One to One Marketing: 7 Statistics

One to One Marketing: Bringing Personalization to Hyper-Accurate Targeting
By: Jeremy Sneed

One to one marketing (1:1 marketing).

It sounds like new marketing jargon, but in actuality, it goes back to the very basics of enhancing customer experience. 1:1 marketing is the same mentality that existed back in the old local mom and pop store era. Back when store owners and workers knew their customers as well as their preferences, they could better assist them through their shopping experience, being able to more advantageously provide exceptional customer service.

How does this relate to today’s marketing?

Today, this type of customer experience is what we refer to as one to one marketing. Simply put, one to one marketing is a consumer marketing strategy that emphasizes personalization, customizing messaging to each consumer differently based on their specific preferences or characteristics.

With the heavy levels of advertising that exist in today’s age, generic messaging gets lost in the noise. Consumers more and more expect tailored messaging, especially from brands they’re loyal to.

Check out some of the statistics behind one to one marketing and its impact from leveraging personalization.

1. Consumers are more willing to give personal information than one might think. A study found that 57% of consumers attested that they are okay to provide their personal information with brands, with the understanding that it will be for their benefit and utilized responsibly.

2. Among a survey of around 2,200 people worldwide, 63% of consumers said they disliked when brands continue to use the same generic messaging across their marketing and advertising.

3. When it comes to measuring the performance around one to one marketing, 88% of marketers within the United States reported noticing measurable improvements among their campaigns due to this direct level of personalization.

4. Of marketers surveyed that showed agreement that one to one marketing had enhanced their marketing performance, over 50% of those marketers said the utilization of personalization increased their end conversions by 10% or more. In addition to this, around 10% claimed to see conversion lifts of 30% or more from using one to one marketing.

5. It was found that response rates among content that was not delivered via one to one marketing showed an 83% lower response rate due to the lack of relevance.

6. Harvard Business Review did some research of their own and found that one to one marketing personalization can lift campaign performance. What they found is that one to one marketing can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, lift revenue by up to 15% and can increase the overall efficiency around marketing spend by up to 30%

7. Among online consumers, around 78% stated that content that is personalized towards them increases their purchasing intent.

These powerful statistics really drive home the strength behind customized, tailored marketing. One to one marketing brings personalization to the forefront of ad campaigns. No longer is generic messaging bringing high level conversions. Instead, 1:1 marketing leverages any information you may have on a consumer in order to better appeal to them and their wants/needs.

Here at El Toro, we’ve put together quite a lot of additional information around one to one marketing which you can read more on here.

For more information on how you can utilize the power of 1:1 marketing through our patented IP Targeting technology, get in touch with the El Toro team today!


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