El Toro Advanced Analytics


Advanced Analytics

Deeper Insights from Data

We can provide insights into your customers’ behavior like you’ve never had before. With El Toro, you’ll know where they go before or after they purchase from you. We can help determine whether they’re visiting your competitor or a potential partner – and what you should do about it.

We collect trillions of data points per week of real human behavior. This allows El Toro and our partners to visualize and extrapolate audiences based upon human intent, ensuring decisions and dollars are allocated to the right audiences at the right time.

By combining geolocative science, footfall analysis, and premier third-party data sources along with data visualization, our findings are inherently more objective, leading to better outcomes.

We can more accurately decipher intent and propensity to buy as well as build new or look-alike audiences of promising new prospects.

Advantages of El Toro Advanced Analytics

We take a custom approach to all data modeling to ensure the proper solution for your business. Using data modeling, we help you make enterprise business decisions based on actual observed human behavior. Our advanced analytics paired with location intelligence help us provide more insights and potential conversions, while our visualization tools make it easy to understand.

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