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Maximize Your Advertising Budget with Intent-To-Home,
El Toro’s AI-Driven Platform

Our solution uses keyword-based audience generation from online signals to identify purchase patterns. This ensures your ads target high-intent audiences, ultimately boosting your ROI. With cutting-edge technology and deep consumer insights, El Toro connects you with your target audience, delivering exceptional results and enhancing your marketing strategy.

How It Works

  • Identify Topics

    Your El Toro Sales Executive will work with you to create a list of categories and topics catered to your goals.

  • MarketOverview

    Data Collections and Household Match

    El Toro will match proprietary signals from a network of publishers to the household for digital advertising.

  • Deploy The Campaign

    After matching, we serve ads to devices connected to the households correlated to the audience.

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Intent-To-Home Topic Examples

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