User Experience: Reverse Appending

Today, we're announcing our latest UX update we're supplying for our clients in the form of Reverse Appending! Reverse Appending is a brand new site to provide valuable information on our Reverse Appending technology and the reasons it's such a game changer in the online marketing world!

El Toro believes in their technology and wants to prove it to the customer as well. As IP Targeting became more popular, El Toro has been growing into a major player in the digital advertising world. In November 2017, Deloitte ranked El Toro as the 13th fastest-growing technology company in North America. IP Targeting serves as the base for El Toro’s product offering and continues to help with this growth.

Because of this, El Toro felt it was necessary to provide another great user experience update for our users. With this in mind, we purchased Reverse Appending and built it with the intended purpose of providing great insights and information about our reverse IP Targeting algorithm.

Check it out to learn all there is to know about Reverse Appending from the patent owners of the tech, El Toro!


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