Viewability, Non Human Traffic and IP Targeting

El Toro has a somewhat unique view of ad traffic in the United States. In order to provide the most accurate IP targeting we have deployed server clusters in three US data centers that allow us to view ingress traffic from our partner ad networks. We then use this data to manage our bids and control our programmatic ad placements. An interesting by-product of this data is that we observe a tremendous amount of programmatic fraud. This is why we have made the push toward transparency and traceability with El Toro's proprietary IP targeting technology.

As advertisers try to come to grips with fraudulent traffic they have increasingly relied on viewability as a key metric. A recent article from AdExchanger discusses how viewability is being gamed by bad actors to make bot-traffic appear to be real. When used correctly, viewability should be an important metric for measuring efficacy of a digital advertising campaign. We are big fans of measuring real viewability and have partnered with one of the industry leading platforms to be able to optimize viewable digital ad placements on the El Toro platform.

But as with any metric, measuring only viewability is caveat emptor, or maybe Ronald Reagan said it best "trust but verify".


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