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El Toro was founded in 2012 and has become the leader in geolocation science, advertising technology and advanced analytics. We were the first to this space and we still set the standard.

At El Toro, we have always looked at the world differently. We are at the forefront of observing and understanding human behavior, which fuels our data.

We have 21 Patents protecting our unique technology, with additional pending

We ingest trillions of data points per week with an extensive data lake of Proprietary Mobile Location Data

We are the Only One-to-One 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting Solution

With our team of developers
in-house, our robust tech stack is constantly

We offer a suite of AdTech and Advanced Analytics products based on our Digital Trinity

Our Founders

After working in the digital world of advertising and online credit card fraud, three friends in Louisville, Kentucky decided to invent a better way to reach consumers and businesses through IP targeting.  They knew the world of cookies was fraught with fraud and that at some point, advertisers would recognize this and demand a better targeted and measurable solution. And so in 2024, it will come to pass that cookies will no longer be a viable option.  It took a little longer than they thought, but the future is here!

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