Target People As They Move

Digital New Movers: How It Works

Digital New Movers (DNM) is offered on a 6 month and 12 month subscription basis. First you have to select which ZIP code, city, and/or state you want to target. Then you enter monthly ad impressions, upload the creatives and decide if you want to target Pre-Movers, Escrow, and/or Post-Movers. The rest is programmatic.

Pre Mover
“I’ve just listed my house”
“I’ve sold my house and haven’t moved yet”
“I just moved in”

The Power of Digital New Movers

Since these movers are in a new area, they will be actively looking for new places to shop and vendors to buy from. They are open to trying new things when setting up their new living situations. Because of this, our system updates continuously and connects advertisers to consumers in hours instead of weeks. Digital New Movers is also programmatic, allowing you to sit back and target new movers the second the information becomes available.

The Goal of Digital New Movers

450,000 people move every week in the United States. In that 30 day window before and after the move, most purchase decisions are made with an average spend of $8,700 per household. Once that audience buys from you, the customer is 90% more likely to become a repeat customer (info provided by Speedeon Data). The goal of DNM is to target people who are moving or have just moved into their new home with digital banner and video ads in almost real time on their laptop, smartphone, and table devices. Find out more info by contacting your sales rep today!

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Get answers to our most common Digital New Mover questions

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