IP Targeting

What Made Us Famous

We began household IP targeting before the rest and we have the patents to prove it. We’ve had years of
experience in this space to perfect our methods while others are just getting their feet wet.

We provide accurate, traceable and transparent targeting with our patented algorithm that matches physical addresses to IP addresses. We connect businesses and marketers to current and potential customers with extreme precision for both B2B and B2C applications. Eliminate advertising dollar waste to non-human and poorly targeted traffic without the use of cookies.

  • Our Digital Trinity

    It’s what we call our process of matching mobile advertising IDs (MAIDS) to a physical address through a device’s IP address. It allows us to precisely target down to one square meter. Our competitors use clusters of up to 4 to 12 households, cookies and other methods which dilute targeting and measurement.

How It Works

Gather Lists
We start with a list of mailing addresses from your CRM or supplied by a third party that you want to target.

IP Match
The El Toro algorithm uses numerous first
party data points to match the list to IP addresses
with a 95% confidence level.

Deploy the Campaign
After matching, we serve ads to the devices connected to the IP addresses correlated to your list.

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