Advertising Mediums

Creative Specifications

Best Practices and Specifications


Creatives need to be made with the following dimensions set in px (pixels). Deviation from these dimensions will NOT serve. Creatives need to be exact (i.e., not 301 x 250). These are the top recommended sizes for optimal ad serve.

300 x 250

desktop and mobile

160 x 600


728 x 90

desktop and mobile

300 x 600


320 x 50


320 x 100


For optimal results on Ad Servers, compressed images for web are preferred:


  • < 80 KB per file is recommended
  • > 100 kb per file could cause under-delivery due to loading times on user’s browsers

Below are critical elements to keep in mind when placing video ads using the El Toro system.

El Toro hosted video dimensions are as follows:


  • 400 x 225
  • 400 x 300
  • 480 x 360
  • 1920 x 1080
  • 640 x 360
  • 1920 x 800

El Toro offers Pre-Roll (representing the majority of available inventory), Mid-Roll, and Post-Roll video placements with the following supported file types:


  • .mpg
  • .mp4
  • .m4v
  • .mov
  • .avi
  • VAST Tags

Video files must be less than or equal to requested
duration (i.e. we can bid on a 15 second request with
a 10 second video). The standard durations available
via our system are:


  • 6 seconds
  • 15 seconds
  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
The maximum supported file size is 100MB. El Toro will encode the video down to a workable file size.

OTT video ads amplify your marketing reach through the expanding world of streaming. Below are the recommended specs for optimal performance as well as the minimum requirements.

Recommended for Optimal Performance
(Example – ESPN Live Streaming Video)


  • Format: MP4 with AAC audio
  • Bitrate: 15,000 kbps – 60,000 kbps
  • Frame Rate: 29.97 fps or higher
  • VAST Version: 2.0 or higher
  • Creative Size: 1280 x 720
  • Duration: 15 or 30 seconds
Minimum Video Creative Requirements*


  • Media Type: MP4
  • Minimum Bitrate: 2,000 kbps
  • Minimum Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • Duration: 15 or 30 seconds


*VPAID is not supported for OTT placements, and FLV, WebM and VPAID media types will not be eligible to serve on OTT inventory.


Native Ads have the ability to integrate seamlessly into their surroundings and user experience. Viewers typically donʼt notice they are paid ads, resulting in a subtle and non-disruptive advertising experience.

Native Creative Requirements:


  • Image
  • Icon
  • Title (30 characters recommended)
  • Body text (140 characters recommended)
  • Call to action (not required) (25 characters recommended)
  • Sponsored By (25 characters recommended*)
  • Click-through URL
Recommended Images Sizes:


Image: 1050 x 1050 pixels or 1200 x 627 pixels

Icon: 300 x 300 pixels

File Types for Images:


  • .jpg
  • .png
Maximum File Size:

100 kb max file size, <80 kb is optimal for performance

*Note: Native specs vary by supplier, these specs will allow you to access the most amount of native inventory from our current suppliers

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