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Human Behavior

We Focus on Human Behavior.

Our analytics are based on real people and where they are in the real world.

Using anonymized footfall traffic, we can eliminate waste in your advertising spending and precisely target with a 95% confidence level.

Traditional forms of digital advertising use metrics that are cookie-based, container-based, and JavaScript-based, all of which are inaccurate tools of measurement because they don’t measure actual behavior. These methods don’t give you insights into the actual, specific actions that your target has taken. This obscures their intent, fails to illuminate real understanding, and makes your measurements amount to a best guess.

By tracking human behavior in real time through mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs), we build robust customer profiles and serve the right messages directly to their respective households without the use of cookies.

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Data Privacy Matters to Us

  • As organizations are increasingly focusing on data privacy, security, and confidentiality, El Toro continues to stay ahead of the herd.

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  • Our technology uses the most limited data ingestion required to complete the task, and we adhere to both the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) self-regulatory principles as well as all federal and state laws on data privacy, including the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

We obtain consumer opt-in consent from our data suppliers, and consumer opt-out is not just for CA residents; anyone can contact us and request to opt out of our database. To protect consumers, all data is encrypted in transmission and stored securely in SSAE-16 SOC II compliant data centers.

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