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Curated Deals

Private Marketplace Deals (PMPs) directly to your DSP

Curated Deals give you the ability to leverage El Toro’s Patented Matching Algorithm to target audiences at the IP and device level through a number of DSPs. Any segment onboarded through El Toro can be added to a Curated Deal, providing access to specific media types, premium inventory, and exclusive audiences based on human behavior.

Our Three-Step Process

  • 1

    Create The Segment

    Any audience produced in the El Toro Portal can be shared in a deal through Curate. This extends to Custom Audiences.

  • 2

    Submit The Support Request

    In an email to support@eltoro.com, please include the segment ID(s) that will be shared along with the media type (Banner, Video, Native, or OTT), and the DSP seat ID(s).

  • 3

    Serve The Ads

    The deal will be shared with the DSP seat, and will need to be accepted by the client. The deal can then be associated with a campaign to begin serving.

The El Toro Difference

With our patented technology, El Toro is able to eliminate the guesswork by identifying IP addresses associated to physical addresses. Curate allows you to have direct control of the traffic while still leveraging El Toro’s IP Targeting technology.

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