The Digital-to-Direct Mail Solution

Engage anonymous website visitors who are already interested in your brand by matching online activity (through an IP address) to a physical address. This drives engagement and is essential in turning website visitors into customers. Web-To-Home enables you to retarget customers who visited your website with a direct mail piece.

How It Works

  • 1

    Pixel the Site

    We collect IPs and match them to physical addresses by adding a web pixel to your website

  • 2

    Set Business Rules

    Set the business rules to determine the pages and site interactions that will qualify for matching

  • 3

    Match & Serve

    Qualified audiences are sent direct mail to their physical address within 48 hours depending on your printer’s capabilities

The El Toro Advantage

Most of our competitors are only able to retarget with cookies, which means they are only able to retarget online. We use digital fingerprints left by visitors to your website to retarget offline,
in the real world.

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