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Venue Replay

Cookieless Remarketing From a Mapped Location

Identify and engage with potential customers seen at high-value locations.

Using our GeoFraming™ technology, Venue Replay captures mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) seen in your locations, your competitors’ locations, or other points of interest.

Turn prospects into customers by leveraging pattern-level footfall behavior and serve advertisements to them directly.

El Toro Geoframing Technology

How It Works

  • 1
    Identify Locations Geoframing

    Identify locations

    Identify targeted locations, venues and points of interest

  • 2
    El Toro Location Geoframing

    Create GeoFrames

    Create GeoFrames and find the devices that have browsed to an ad-supported site or app while visiting the framed locations

  • 3

    Match & Serve

    From the identified devices, we match their home IP addresses to serve digital advertisements

GeoFraming™ vs. Geofencing

GeoFraming is geofencing taken to a more precise level. Introduced by El Toro in 2017, it overcomes many of the limitations of geofencing and adds key abilities that geofencing lacks.

Venue Replay is not Geofencing.
It’s GeoFraming™, El Toro’s proprietary technology.

Our GeoFraming™ technology inventories mobile advertising device IDs (MAIDs) at the precise square meter level using latitude and longitude. This allows us to understand pattern-level footfall behavior up to 6 months in the past.

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  • Audience based on longitude and latitude and observed human behavior.
  • Target Device IDs that were inventoried at the location up to 6 months ago.
  • Household addresses can be matched back to offline conversion files.
  • Ability to identify and target Device IDs once they travel elsewhere.
  • Utilize El Toro’s IP Targeting to target the Household IP Address with digital display ads.


  • Uses cell towers to triangulate approximate location.
  • Can only be used in real time.

Venue Replay⁺

  • 1
    Identify Locations Geoframing

    Select Location of Interest

    Identify the location(s) of interest that will be used to develop the segment.

  • 2
    El Toro Location Geoframing

    Generate The Venue Replay Audience

    Select the timeframe(s), and the filters, such as time seen, distance traveled, or number of locations visited, so the Ad Operations team can provide counts and create your customized audience.

  • 3

    Match & Serve Media

    Serve ads to the home IP address and the devices of your Venue Replay⁺ audience.

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