What is IP targeting?

Simply put IP targeting is the process of focusing internet advertising to households based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. There are a number of ways that marketers can target their message to individuals; these include targeting / retargeting using cookies, site or audience segmentation targeting and geo-targeting. All of these methods can be valuable tools for getting your message to the right audience and are options that El Toro will often include in conjunction with our campaigns. But we believe the most effective tool for targeting specific audiences is our patent-pending process for IP targeting.

The real power in IP targeting is that we can integrate our client’s off-line data with our IP data to produce an extraordinarily effective targeting segment. We have had a number of clients call it “magic”, although we can assure you there is no wizardry involved just great math and an amazing data warehouse filled with targeting information. Based on the type of data clients provide, this segment will contain only qualified prospects that are more receptive to the marketing message. This is vastly different than most internet-based advertising campaigns where a significant amount of your ads never reach qualified prospects.

To learn more about how IP Targeting from El Toro can dramatically increase your online conversions please contact us.