Why El Toro

El Toro uses more effective, cookieless targeting to reach your audience. Our analytics are based on real human behavior, providing more useful metrics, and we use our MatchBack Analysis to demonstrate the tangible
results of your ad spend.

Our Technology

Using our patented Digital Trinity process, we match mobile advertising IDs (MAIDS) to a physical address through the device’s IP address. This provides extreme precision and allows us to bypass cookie-based fraud and serve ads directly to the devices in that household within 24 hours.

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Our Approach 

Cookieless World

Traditional forms of digital advertising use metrics that are Cookie, container, and JavaScript based, all of which are inaccurate tools of measurement. By anonymously tracking real behavior in real time through mobile advertising device IDs (MAIDs), we reach real people and serve the right messages directly to their respective households without the use of cookies.

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Human Behavior

Our analytics are based on real people and where they are in the real world. Using anonymized footfall traffic, we can eliminate waste in your advertising spending, and precisely target with a 95% confidence level.

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Our Performance

With our MatchBack Analysis, we can show which sales directly resulted from your campaigns. This clarity provides you with true Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS), enabling a higher level of confidence for running future campaigns.

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Your Privacy 

Data privacy has always been a top priority at El Toro. El Toro adheres to all federal and state privacy laws as well as self-regulating principles in the industry. Our technology uses the most limited data ingestion required to complete the task.

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El Toro's IP Targeting and Venue Replay is second to none.

Carey Sobel

Chief Strategy Officer

El Toro has revolutionized how we look at the lead business and solved many of the problems we have faced.

Darren S.

Fortune 500 Business Owner

El Toro's platform provides marketers with a whole new approach to marketing. This has really proved itself invaluable to our company and gave us the angle we needed.

Dave F.

Chief Marketing Officer

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