Stacy Griggs

Chief Executive Officer

Stacy Griggs has been with El Toro since 2014. With an extensive background in technology, Stacy has helped write El Toro's proprietary technology patents and helped move the company forward. Stacy works closely with the sales team, along with the day to day operations of being a CEO.

Chris Montague

Chief Finance Officier 

Since the beginning, Chris Montague has been working with El Toro as the Chief Finance Officier. Starting in 2013, Chris has watched the story evolve and grow. Because Chris handles the money, he is the only employee with an actual office. He likes it that way...

Richard Teachout

Chief Technology Officier

Rich is the brains behind our Dev team. Since early 2014, Rich has continued to produce incredible technology and shape the El Toro story. When he's not programming, Rich runs three of Louisville's top haunted houses, along with one of the nation's largest haunted house prop manufacturing companies!

Greg Mosley

Director of Sales

Greg Mosley has been with El Toro since our Distillery Commons days. Greg leads our sales team, bringing in revenue and building up leaders in the organization. When he's not selling, you can find him on the foosball table!

Maurice Zakhir

Human Resources

Maurice started at El Toro in 2016, bringing El Toro into a new threshold. Since being here, Maurice was able to help bring the organization from startup to company. A master in process management, Maurice leads our Human Resources division like no one else!