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IP⁺ Targeting

Reach Look-Alike Audiences

IP+ Targeting is a combination of our patented IP Targeting process, along with segmentation data from one of the richest 3rd party data providers in the world. IP+ enables you to customize and tailor your target audience based on a variety of demographic and psychographic data. There are two different ways that IP+ Targeting can be utilized:

1. Demographic Targeting – Chosen from a selection of demographic and lifestyle segmentation filters such as gender, age, education, household income, occupation, etc.

2. Lookalike Targeting – Lookalike prospective audiences to expand your target market. Our Bullseye Report generates insights and allows us to make recommendations for targeting.

Our Three Step Process

  • 1

    Select The Audience

    Client provides demographic and geographic specifications

  • 2

    Generate The Audience

    El Toro will provide counts and prepare the list for targeting

  • 3

    Deploy the Campaign

    We serve ads to the devices connected to the IP addresses associated with the generated audiences.

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