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El Toro Culture

Life at El Toro

Our company culture blends the fast-paced, results-driven nature of our industry with a level of fun and humor that is distinctly El Toro. We take pride in the work we do and strive to create a culture where people can be themselves. At El Toro, we hold ourselves accountable to our core values and we think they are E.P.I.I.C.

Our Vision

We are a team of innovators that solve the world’s complex problems by turning data into insights and insights into value.

Our Mission

At El Toro, we look at the world differently. We are the leader in observing and understanding human behavior. Our customers gain a competitive advantage from our advanced analytics and ad tech, delivering empirical results that matter.

E.P.I.I.C. Culture Values

Excellence - Clarity & Quality

We take ownership of our work and seek a complete understanding of how it fits into the bigger picture. Leadership is practiced by all of us, regardless of title. We take the best approach, not the easiest, and realize quality is about more than our products and service.

Innovation -
Think Outside The Box

We are not afraid to throw away work in favor of a more progressive solution. We question the status quo and seek faster, cheaper, smarter and better ways to do things. We identify and eliminate complexity because we understand the adverse relationship between complexity and innovation. We operate on the edge of our understanding. Before we begin work, we take the time up front to make decisions that allow for more innovation in the long run. Innovation is always done with the customer in mind.

Persistence - Never Give Up

We don’t shy away from a challenge and find opportunities where others are afraid to look for them. We do not give up in the face of adversity or let mistakes derail our progress. We seek solutions to problems, lead with confidence and embrace change.

Continual Improvement -
Be Eager, Seek Feedback, Grow

We are not afraid to stretch ourselves or work outside our job description. We are not afraid to try new approaches and we learn from our mistakes. We honestly evaluate ourselves, seek out feedback, identify those who we can learn from and embrace the point of view of others. We hold our peers accountable while helping steer them in the proper direction. We are transparent with each other, understanding transparency means being honest.

Integrity - Do The Right Thing

We are honest and act with good intentions. We take responsibility for our actions and value accountability. Others’ needs take priority over our own. We give others the benefit of the doubt and value our peers’ time. Our differences are not only respected but celebrated, especially in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, and national origin.

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