MatchBack Analysis
ROI & ROAS Made Easy

Measuring efficacy is simplified and doesn’t require tracking codes, cookies, call tracking, conversion pixels, etc. Our MatchBack Analysis is available for our house-to-house IP Targeting, providing identity resolution and real ROI calculation to customers. To conduct a MatchBack, clients provide a list of sales that occurred during the campaign period, we match it against the target list, and then we provide a list of sales that were a direct result of our IP Targeting campaign.

matchback analysis

El Toro Advantage
With our ability to identify physical addresses, we can MatchBack sales from our solutions to show value to brands. Being able to prove ROI is huge differentiator for the El Toro system. Unlike other online marketing tools, the El Toro MatchBack is done without the use of UTM codes, conversion pixels, retargeting, or call tracking. We use your real list of sales and compare it to the targeted list to show real ROI!

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