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Cookieless Targeting

Cookieless Targeting for a Cookieless World

For years, the tech giants have relied on cookies to target consumers, but recently they’ve been scrambling to phase cookies out because of the cookie’s inherent limitations and shortcomings. That is where El Toro and cookieless targeting come in.

From day one, El Toro has built its solutions without relying on the use of cookies.

This foresight has put us years ahead of our competitors as we continue to innovate for the future with cookieless targeting.

  • The genesis of our technology was to provide greater transparency and traceability in digital advertising and we’ve achieved just that.

  • The offline data El Toro uses, instead of cookie data, is verified and drastically reduces non-human bot traffic.

    Our products are 100% cookie-free and connect with real people with unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud from marketing efforts.

Why Cookieless Targeting?

In addition to the flaws and shortcomings mentioned above, traditional cookie-based advertising is on its way out as Google and others will no longer be supporting third-party cookies in the name of privacy for the user.

How We Beat the Cookie –
Our Algorithm

Using our Digital Trinity, we match first-party public data in the form of mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to a physical address through the IP address.

This provides extreme precision with no threat of cookie-based fraud. Allowing us to serve ads directly to the devices in that household within 24 hours with cookieless targeting.

The Accuracy Advantage of Cookieless Targeting

Our algorithm allows us to accurately target down to one square meter. Our competitors resort to clusters of 4 to 12 households, which makes targeting and measurement less reliable.

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Don’t Get FLOC’d. Go Cookieless.

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