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Digging in a Bit on El Toro's Distinctive IP Targeting
By: Jeremy Sneed

Tech is a growing industry. As a matter of fact, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC), the technology industry as a whole will account for nearly $1.5 trillion of the United States economy this year alone. This massive dollar figure is up 5% from last calendar year. From this point forward, it's only expected to grow more year after year.

With this growth in tech comes an obvious increase in companies providing tech-related services or products. Believe it or not in 2015, even in a lull-growth period, the number of new tech startups was recorded at upwards of 77,000. That’s 77,000 new tech-related companies filing for a new business application in just one year. Again, that's in a lull-growth period.

Adtech specifically is no exception to this growth in technology.

Fulfilling a Need

According to Forbes, nine out of every ten startups will fail. One of the prominent reasons noted behind this is startups providing a product or service that already successfully exists in the market.

In an evergrowing and constantly competing environment, there's only room for quality to sustain.

How does El Toro match up to this? Still, in our first decade of existence, we continue to be ranked as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the nation. We saw a need in the market to be filled, and that’s exactly what we did. As ad tech flourished, we knew it was time for a dependable form of online advertising.

El Toro’s ad-targeting capabilities are of their own uniqueness and originality. The main goal behind the founding of our tech was to provide the market with digital advertising done right. We have brought forward advertising based on the principles of truth, transparency, and accuracy. All of this while also delivering clear-cut, outstanding results.

Already, our technologies hold their own patents. Thanks to this, we can assure our clients that no one can exactly replicate what we do and how we do it. However, it is important to note how El Toro compares with other IP Targeting companies.

Serving Real Audiences

One key concept to leave out: cookies and online tracking. We won’t even go into all of the bot traffic associated with the use of cookies and privacy-invasive tracking. However, we have addressed this in our previous publications. Take a look at one of our articles that address this for more informational reading: The Company that Killed the Cookie or 4 Things to Consider When Investing in Digital Advertising.

A number of IP Targeting companies will use online tracking when there's a lack of quality data. Typically, this is done when organizations are unable to match a home or device to its IP address with assurance. Here at El Toro, our technology provides audiences built solely with targets that we can give at least a 95% confidence rate behind. Our technology matches Device IDs or physical addresses to IP addresses, allowing for true one to one marketing. If we are unable to sufficiently match a home address or Device ID to an IP, we simply do not serve ads to that target, rather than potentially serve to inaccurate targets, rather than fill the campaign with targets found based on online tracking.

When looking at other IP Targeting companies, many of them are not targeting direct households, but instead, are targeting clusters or zones of targets. These companies simply cannot target a home with satisfactory levels of accuracy, they will instead target an area of homes where they believe the correct target to be.

When IP Targeting companies execute this zone or cluster targeting, they’re spending a client’s budget by utilizing a shotgun approach, much like cookie-based advertising. Rather than serving a precise target impressions, they’re serving ads to potentially correct targets based on possibilities and assumptions. In the case of IP Targeting companies, this tends to mean serving to theoretically accurate geographical areas.

Our technology targets specific Device IDs and/or physical addresses, meaning your exact target is served ads and no one else, no ad budget wasted.

We Don’t Require a List

While we can target a CRM list, we remain one of the only IP Targeting companies that does not rely on our clients bringing us a customer or acquisition list. Here at El Toro, we take the same high-accuracy approach we apply in our originating IP Targeting and apply that to our audience building.

We understand that not every business has a list, we’re also aware that even if a client does have a list, they may be wanting to gather new consumers as well.

El Toro’s audience-building capabilities take multiple forms.

Perhaps the most intriguing of these is our ability to select key locations and pull consumers that were seen within a specified period of time. Our tech allows us to map any location of interest down to an exact square meter. From here, we pull the Device IDs for consumers seen within this place of interest. We can then trace these Device IDs back to their correlating home IP address to serve ads to any and all devices found on that network. We refer to this as Geo-Framing.

Our tech is also able to identify and target individuals that are somewhere in the moving process. Movers are a phenomenal target audience given that on average (as of 2017) they spend around $10,000 across the duration of their moving process. Our tech allows clients to pull individuals within a selected area who have their home for sale, have their home in escrow, or have recently purchased a new home. From here we can target this audience with a client’s ads. Check out the power of Digital New Movers.

B2B IP Targeting is another El Toro forté that’s a market rarity. Our B2B IP Targeting is referred to as Captive Audience. This product enables our clients to select business locations that they are looking to get their ads in front of. Using the same precision, mapping down to the exact square meter, this technology can identify the IPs within the selected business locations and serve ads across the entire networks within.

Our audience building technologies are all one of a kind and proprietary.

Accuracy Levels

Another crucial El Toro attribute to note is the accuracy around our advertising.

When we take a physical address or Device ID and match it to an IP address, our algorithm takes that takes this data and validates it across over 30 different validation points. The reasoning behind this is to ensure with at least 95% confidence rate that we are targeting the exact intended prospect. Through the El Toro process, we take away any chance of targeting fraud traffic, targeting expired IPs or serving to inaccurate targets.

Our IP matching algorithm is patented to ensure that no other company in the world can exactly mimic the levels of accuracy we deliver. This and the power of our technology have enabled El Toro to rise as the most trusted IP Targeting platform across the industry.

This is exactly why El Toro came into fruition in the first place.

Our founders built El Toro from the ground up with a core mission to create an advertising outlet that would bypass all online fraud. El Toro exists as a digital ad platform, created to ensure that companies can execute digital advertising while resting assured that their budgets are being spent with no fraud or deception involved.

Digital advertising through El Toro is the industry’s answer to growing advertising past online fraud.

Transparency is Key

El Toro takes great measures to prove the accuracy behind our ad serving.

Through our ad process, all clients are given their list of targets beforehand to show exactly how many people and specifically what people will be targeted. Our pre-campaign reporting shows clients exactly which targets we were able to confidently match to their IP address and which we were not, rather than giving an overall match percentage.

Not only this, but we believe campaign reporting is everything. We’re not here to bog you down with ad jargon and useless metrics like engagement rates and CTR. We keep these metrics available through our ad portal and have them live in real-time during a campaign, however, we remove these from our post-campaign reporting.

After an ad campaign is completed, we ask clients to bring us their sales data. We then take the list of who we targeted and compare it against the client’s sales data and run what we call a Matchback Analysis.

With our Matchbacks, we identify who of those we targeted ended up converting. Through this, we are able to give clients a precise conversion rate and return on ad spend to transparently show overall campaign performance.

The Team Behind the Tech

Our products and technology aren’t the only aspects that go into making El Toro, unlike any other ad tech provider. The El Toro team is also one of its own uniqueness.

In regards to our staff, a mass majority begin as interns, allowing for our team and leadership to assess whether each individual is a qualified fit for our team. Typically, it is only once this vetting process is completed, and once it is determined that a person is a match for our team and can grasp our technology that they can then begin as a full member of the El Toro team.

The El Toro family is made up of dedicated individuals who grow and thrive in the world of technology and digital advertising. We know that providing unbelievable one of a kind tech and appeasing our clients is a crucial ingredient for keeping our business flourishing.

A development team of nearly 100 people continues to grow and improve our technology and its capabilities on a day to day basis. Then, on the other hand, our sales team as well as our ad operations department consists solely of people whose main goal is to drive our clients’ campaigns to their greatest potential.

In all honesty, the El Toro team is unlike anything else. Perhaps it's the dogs alone, or maybe it's the bourbon, or possibly it's the pack of 100% genius and 100% complete weirdos that make the El Toro team and our shared culture so strong. Every day, our open office has it's own bit of a rumble inside, humming with the sound of a team, together, building a bigger future for one another.

During Campaign Care

Through our ad portal, while a campaign is serving, tweaks can be made, improvements can be inputted, and optimizations can be conducted all to help campaigns reach their highest possibilities.

Each campaign executed through our platform, whether small or large, has a number of eyes on it from its creation to its execution and all the way down to its closure.

This El Toro level of care in regards to campaign creation and execution is a powerful tool.

Our ad portal allows us to make any edits needed for campaigns as they’re serving. Our optimization abilities allow us and our team to go in and make updates or changes if we see that a campaign isn’t performing to the best of its abilities. It goes without saying, our ad operations team exists primarily for this reason. This team has been trained and coached on what to watch for with campaigns and how to make edits in order to drive campaigns to their utmost success.

All in All

El Toro is confident in our ability to not only accurately serve your ads but also in our ability to bring you the results that you’ve been looking for. Go through our website and check out any of our six one of a kind ad tech products.

Not only this, but our team is here at all times to talk more in-depth about what it is we do and why it's so amazing.

Get in contact with the El Toro team and find out more about how you can utilize our tech. El Toro is the premier IP Targeting company. We’re here to get your ads in front of the right audience, getting you the transparent and successful ad performance your company deserves.


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