The Fruition of El Toro

Founder, David Stadler, Shares Some of the El Toro Story
By: Jeremy Sneed

Have you heard the narrative?

One of the first El Toro podcasts sits down with company co-founder, David Stadler.

Stadler began his time with El Toro doing essentially everything, being just one of the three original masterminds. Fast-forward 7 years, Stadler now delivers his expertise as Co-Founder and Director of Ad Operations for El Toro.

Stadler sat down to sip some bourbon and share with El Toro Podcast listeners some of the details behind the founding of El Toro.

Read up here or listen in and catch some of the thought processes that took us from three passionate people to one of the most successful ad-tech firms in the nation.

Where it all began.

El Toro is one of those stories...

What started off as three guys in a basement with nothing but their knowledge and hunger for success, quickly became one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the nation.

Despite the rapid growth and success, El Toro has stuck to its roots as a company with the intent to put technology to an upstanding use.

As the founders of El Toro began working together to start their own endeavor, ideas went in multiple directions. It wasn’t until they were along the path to building their own unprecedented technology that they realized, not in this venture nor in any of the founders’ collective pasts had any of them spent money on digital advertising. Advertising is a critical part of growing any business, especially a startup. Then, why hadn’t they spent money on digital advertising?

In the early days, the founders spent their money on direct mail for advertising. They did this for the simple fact that after the completion of a campaign, it was transparent who converted and who did not. This allowed for a true show of dollar for dollar ROAS.

The way most digital advertising works, there is little to no traceability around the traffic that comes from an ad served beyond the click. Sure you can see a click or a served impression and be happy they saw your brand or site, but did they convert? Other than analytics around clicks, impressions served and site traffic, what real metrics do you get to show the transparency of your ad performance?

The founders honed in on how they could move the traceability of direct mail advertising and execute that digitally.

And then an idea was birthed.

El Toro saw more than an opening in the market, they saw a need. El Toro wanted to be able to identify a user online with the same certainty direct mail could identify a user in the real world. This is when we honed in on the IP address.

The founders didn’t like what was going on in digital advertising at large, operating as a massive machine running away with people’s money in an unaccounted fashion. The founders often reference the little to no money charged for high numbers of impressions, as most advertisers know they’re selling inadequate traffic with little success to be reaped from it.

El Toro continuously keeps an eye on all web traffic and daily served impressions in the ad space. The statistic stands that of the 250 million or so people online on a daily basis in the United States, each of those people on average view 60 ad impressions a day. This totals to over 15 billion available ad impressions to take advantage of per day.

The problem with this statistic is, the typical daily average impressions served online sits more around 80 billion per day. This translates to over 75% of the daily ad impressions being spent on and served to fraud web traffic.

People deserve better.

El Toro exists with the capacity to spend marketing dollars and in return, show exactly just how well it worked. We make use of sales alone as the only necessary data to show true conversion rates.

What is outstanding about the fruition of El Toro and our one of a kind advertising technology, is that it has evolved into one of the most trusted and successful advertising methods on the market.

What we are able to do through our patented IP Targeting technology is establish an omnipresence within a user's home. We simply wait for the correct data to align to show a user online and we then obtain their IP address once we have an established 95% or greater confidence rate. From here, we aren’t limited to Facebook or Google’s network of sites, instead, we’re able to serve impressions to users across the web.

El Toro is exchange agnostic, following users across their journey within the digital realm.

We aren’t just about serving up a pretty ad, but rather, following a user across the web, to the point of inspiring a conversion.

El Toro Today

El Toro took this revolutionary approach to advertising and grew it from IP Targeting to multiple products. Take for example Captive Audience, which gives us the ability for business to business ad targeting, and GeoFraming, which allows us to map places of interest down to the exact square meter to then capture and target devices seen within, and trace them to their correlating home IP address. We’ve even spanned to pair direct mail with our digital abilities, pulling clients’ anonymous web visitors and converting their IPs into their correlating home addresses and sending them highly personalized direct mail pieces.

Now, less than a decade after the start of El Toro as three guys in a basement, we have risen as one of Deloitte’s Top 13 Fastest-Growing Technology Companies in the United States.

The technology of El Toro continues to make waves among the world of advertising, forever shaping the future of the ad industry.



By: Jeremy Sneed


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