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El Toro IP Targeting is a critical part of any political campaign.

Our patented technologies have been used and trusted in over 4,000 political campaigns. We target your specific voters on a one-to-one level by matching a physical address to an IP address with over 95% accuracy. We don’t target “Zones or Clusters”, we target real people in real households. By using voter files, you can be assured that your political marketing is relevant and effective to the individual household.

Political Campaign Effectiveness

We answer the three biggest challenges in political campaigns:

  • 1
    Identify Locations Geoframing


    Targeting specific registered voters

  • 2

    Standing Out

    Targeting with banner, video and OTT

  • 3


    Using El Toro IP Targeting increases voter turnout

Political Guarantee

Increase GOTV by At Least 5% Or Your Money Back

If you use El Toro IP targeting for any GOTV campaign of over $100,000 and we don’t increase turnout among targeted voters by at least 5%, we’ll give you 50% of your money back. We know El Toro is the best digital advertising tool for getting political campaigns more votes and we can prove it. El Toro is the first and only political AdTech company to offer a results guarantee for political digital advertising.

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Political Precision

  • With El Toro IP targeting, you know exactly who your ads are reaching, unlike traditional broad reach TV, radio and print. We can target an individual household, hotel, convention center, or office building IP address.  We then deliver ads before, during and, if desired, after the election with surgical precision with No cookies and No clusters.

Political campaign results
are measured only by votes.

The best way to lockup a vote is to deliver your message to a potential voter enough times, so they remember it when they hit the voting booth. El Toro can ensure that your message is accurately reaching voters in a timely manner and with the right frequency.

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