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The political consulting industry is saturated with thousands of individuals and firms who claim they can get you into office. While many of them are great at what they do, the majority don’t have the experience or expertise to drive your campaign. When you put your trust into the various different digital political consulting firms, be sure to follow these seven recommended tips:


political consulting firms

1. Talk to candidates who used the firm in the past, or didn’t use the firm

When going through a list of potential political consulting firms, be sure you reach out to those who have used the group in the past. Many of these firms will give you a list of clients they’ve worked with. However, do your research! It may be worth going through your contacts to learn why a candidate didn’t end up using the firm. If there’s an issue worth hearing about, it’ll be from those who found it through experience.


2. Hire a firm with experience, but one that is willing to try new things

You always want to make sure that the political consulting firms you’re looking at have the resume to get you into office. Learn what works for them and why they’re so successful. Still, you want to be sure they’re willing to experiment. The online advertising world is an ever expanding and changing ecosystem. Make sure the firm isn’t stuck in 1999 and is ready to try out new advertising technologies, like IP Targeting and Account Based Marketing, to get your name in the ballot box.


3. Learn what makes them different from other political consulting firms

Expanding on tip number two, what is it that makes this firm different from others? Is it their approach to digital consulting? Is it those they know in the industry? Or do they have a new technology they’re leveraging? Ask as many questions as you need. If they’re good at what they do, they’ll answer your questions thoroughly to ensure you’re completely comfortable with their proposed strategy and execution.


political consulting firms4. Make sure the firm can reach your voters on a one-to-one level

Ask the firm, “how are you going to reach my voters online?” If the only answer is social media advertising through Facebook and Twitter, that’s a big red flag. Social is definitely important, but blasting your message out to the public via social media doesn’t ensure you’re hitting the right audience. Make sure these political consulting firms can reach your voters via precision targeting. A great tool for this would be IP targeting, or taking the physical address in your voter database and digitally advertising based on the associated IP address.


5. Make sure the firm has the resources to leverage your data

If the political consulting firms that you’re talking to cannot handle your data, they probably aren’t worth your time. Nowadays, candidates leverage voter registrations, canvassing databases, and device IDs to target voters. Without the proper architecture and environment, all this amazing data is wasted. Be sure to vet the political consulting firms with a tech expert, or look into their history to be sure they can handle your needs.


6. Talk with the firm and make sure they can break down the strategy for your understanding

Digital firms love to throw around big words, tech lingo and intricate concepts in order to sound relevant. This is okay, but you need to be sure they can break down what they’re saying into human language. Push them to describe the strategy so you can understand. You might not be able to decipher exactly how the technology works, but you should be able to grasp the strategy the political consulting firm is putting together.


7. Be sure you trust them

This one is a no-brainer. Bring in your closest allies and campaign staff to vet the proposed consultant(s).  If you don’t feel like you can trust them, don’t use them. In 2018, both parties are willing to do whatever is necessary to stay at the top. Make sure the political consulting firms have YOUR best interest in mind, not their own.


Putting together a campaign can be stressful. Choosing the right consultant can be painstaking. However, there is no better feeling than when your entire team is in sync and the candidate is rising to the top of the polls. If you’re interested in learning more about El Toro’s targeting technology and how it can work with your political strategy, we’d be happy to discuss your campaign needs! Our advertising technology has been used successfully in over 2,000 political campaigns, from the local level to the presidential. Every moment you wait your opponent has more time to plan. Contact El Toro today!


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