Hyper-Local Targeting: Changing The Digital Landscape

Hyper Local Targeting Defintion & Execution

hyper local targeting

For many digital marketers, targeting at the ZIP code, city, or local level isn’t specific enough. Truly defined audiences call for truly defined targeting. This is the role hyper local targeting plays in the digital marketing toolkit.

Hyper local targeting has many forms, from reaching key venues or local events, to specific households where prospects live. Today’s businesses that invest in digital marketing are turning away from wanting to target “accounts” or overarching demographics, in favor of spending the budget on extremely specific audiences. With hyper local targeting, it’s not about delivering impressions to a huge pool of prospects, but instead, to prospects with a high propensity to convert.


Hyper Local Targeting Instead of Everywhere

With hyper local targeting, granularity is key. This means funneling a campaign’s impressions and messaging to precise audience members. Many marketers have been known to apply the shotgun approach to their ad campaigns, targeting large and poorly specified groups of people. While this tends to be a popular method of execution, it’s not highly effective.

Let’s look at some numbers.

Take a sample campaign that uses substandard targeting for a 50,000 person audience, based off very broad specifications. Then take into account that broad-audience campaigns tend to serve at a low frequency along with generic messaging that fits all demographics and situations. This creates a lack of efficiency in targeting and implementation. While you may be serving to an audience of 50,000, the lack of proper targeting greatly diminishes the number of quality leads being targeted. The campaign may be targeting 50,000 people, but with the inefficiency, you’re looking at a much lower number of real prospects.

Compare that against a 5,000 person audience campaign done with hyper local targeting. Due to the precision taken on gathering these audience members, you’re looking at targeting much more highly qualified leads. We can then target this audience at a high frequency along with a distinctly tailored message that greatly increases the impact behind impressions. By applying this methodical approach to a campaign, all of the 5,000 targets are worth the marketing investment.


hyper local targetingHow Hyper-Local Targeting Works

Hyper local targeting comes from defined geographic areas of interest within a locale. We take our technology and use it to pull real people with specific, real attributes. Our clients can then use the knowledge behind this audience as a tool to strengthen campaign potency. For example, call out a specific trait of the audience. This callout could pertain to particulars such as their residential area, local news, or a weak point that makes your product a must-have. From this, you can peak interest on a much more substantial level. Take extra steps to drive conversions even further in the form of phone calls, form fills, and online sales.


Why Market Hyper-Local?

Would you use a fishing net to capture one big fish? No. It would be much more effective and efficient to use a single, specific lure to hook that single target. This same concept is what drives El Toro’s hyper local targeting, and what makes it effective. If you knew a certain fish responded better to a certain bait, why lower your chances of a catch by sending out a generic, “one size fits all” bait? The same concept applies when it comes to delivering messages to key prospects online.

In short, hyper local targeting delivers highly relevant content, to the right people, at the right time. When starting with such a defined audience, everything developed after the fact has no choice but to be relevant to the specific targets. Your business will know what the audience’s pain points are and at what stage of the sales funnel prospects currently stand in.

Generate lift: Increase conversions by delivering more relevant messages to your audience segment.

Bang for the Buck: Spend your budget where it counts without wasting a single cent on irrelevant prospects.

Stay Focused: Market to extremely specific audiences, even down to the household level.

Measurable results: Easily measure the impact of hyper-local targeted campaigns based on sales, then quantifying conversion rates through El Toro’s Matchback Analysis.


hyper local targetingReal, Measurable ROI With Hyper-Local Targeting

The best part of all of this is measuring El Toro’s hyper local targeting campaign results. If you know where your message is being delivered, you know where to look for an uptick in sales/leads/etc to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. El Toro IP Targeting is the only form of digital advertising that does not leverage cookie data. This means we know that every click, form fill, and conversion comes from a real person. Your company can upload a list of targets to process through the El Toro portal, and El Toro can act as your digital direct mailer. With this, we can deliver digital ads only to the IP addresses that have been successfully matched at a 95% confidence level or higher to a physical address provided, or a geo-framed location.

Digital marketers can leverage this capability to craft specific messages to defined audiences. Clients can then deliver these messages precisely to their particular prospect pool, and only to that set of individuals.

After a campaign is over, request a MatchBack Analysis. El Toro provides measurable results that go beyond just clicks and web traffic.

It’s surprisingly refreshing to measure marketing campaigns how they should be measured - through ROI. This is the concept that drives El Toro’s IP Targeting and our revolutionary place in the digital marketing landscape.

To learn more about how you can cost-effectively target hyper-local accounts and a whole lot more, please contact us. We'd love to work with you and build a Hyper Local Targeting campaign today!

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