Top 5 Account Based Marketing Tips

Account Based Marketing Tips for 2018

account based marketing tips

We talk a lot about Account Based Marketing tips here, that’s because El Toro is one of the premier ABM platforms. Since 2014, our portal has been used to target specific accounts in a B2B approach without wasting your ad budget on fraudulent internet traffic.

With this in mind, we’ve taken the time to list our Top 5 Account Based Marketing Tips when running a campaign with El Toro.


#1. Have A Clear Target

One of the key insights to take away from our Account Based Marketing tips is the idea of having one clear target - whether that be a business, demographic, building, or foundation. ABM is all about advertising to a group, or ‘account’, and treating it as if it’s one individual. Therefore, before you start your campaign, be sure your messaging efforts are speaking directly to the intended group.


account based marketing tips

#2. Appropriate Messaging

Building off the first tip, make sure your messaging is relevant to the precise target. For example, if your campaign is focused on garnering the business and attention of a bourbon distillery, then be sure the digital messaging speaks to that. Have appropriate imagery and a message that cuts through the noise, directly to the account.


#3. Use El Toro’s B2B Tools

Our Account Based Marketing tips wouldn’t be effective if we didn’t discuss our technology’s role in bringing ABM to the mainstream. With our B2B polygon tool, we allow clients to draw around a specific location on a map, grabbing the IP addresses within that shape. These addresses become entry points for digital targeting efforts through display and video advertising. El Toro’s B2B tools make it easy to get in front of your intended target.


#4. Leverage Geo-Framing Technologies

One of El Toro’s newest advertising technologies is Geo-Framing, also known as Venue Replay. With it, our technology grabs all of the Device IDs seen within that venue in the allotted time interval. For example, someone can Geo-Frame a bourbon distillery and grab the Device IDs seen within the last sixth months.

With this data, El Toro is able to match those devices back to a household IP address, allowing for display and video advertising through our patented IP Targeting technology. When it comes to ABM, Venue Replay is an incredible way to continually add touchpoints to the employees seen at the location for ‘out-of-work’ targeting efforts.


account based marketing tips#5. Target Accounts Over Individuals

To close our Account Based Marketing tips, we have to restate the importance of targeting accounts over individuals. Segmenting individual sales prospects into accounts is much more efficient for saving time and resources. Targeting to “accounts” as opposed to individuals gives marketers a wider range of prospects, creating a much higher chance of landing a successful conversion. Maximizing your advertising efforts is easy with these Account Based Marketing tips.


El Toro is revolutionizing programmatic media and Account Based Marketing through its patented approach of matching physical addresses to IP addresses, allowing clients to effectively target consumers. The El Toro system is 100% cookie-free and its proprietary approach connects with real people at an unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud. With a 95% or greater confidence level, El Toro is the premier choice for digital advertising. For more information, visit, or contact us below.


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