Case Study: Dan Guenther St. Louis Election


Dan Guenther was a candidate for Ward 9 of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen in Missouri, a seat that had been held by an incumbent for 18 years. As in most elections, both candidates employed traditional means of political marketing such as direct mail, phone calls, door-to-door canvassing, and social media. KAOH Media, the agency that helped manage Guenther’s digital campaign, decided to add El Toro as a differentiator that they had found resounding success with for past political clients. Before the campaign began, El Toro was able to match 65% of the provided district voter list to respective household IP’s.


In this primary, fourteen board seats were up for election, nine of which were held by incumbents running for re-election. Each incumbent held their seat with the exception of one; El Toro’s client beat the 18-year incumbent by incredible margins. His digital campaign resulted in a CTR of 0.25%, which is over 4x the industry average. His election results were even more impressive. Not only was he the sole candidate to win over an incumbent, he won by a 79% margin of actual votes.

“Having an integrated digital approach is essential to any campaign. El Toro’s unique 1-to-1 household IP targeting continues to prove itself as an incredibly effective means to reach targeted audiences without wasted impressions.”

– Allan Hug, Co-Founder, KAOH Media


The technology works across every industry- from gyms to automobiles; from large insurance corporations to small non-profit firms. Straightforward and simple -- El Toro works.