Case Study: Digital Canvassing Yields 13,100% Return on Ad Spend for National Home Furnisher


El Toro recently launched a new product, Digital Canvassing. This tool appends IP addresses to their respective homes located within 500 meters of a pre-defined target.

A national furniture dealer was looking to boost mattress and furniture sales. The company had been looking for a way to cost-effectively target neighbors of recent clients.

The Campaign

The national furniture retailer implemented the campaign in various states, using recent clients and new movers as the basis of the segment. El Toro’s Digital Canvassing appended IP addresses to neighbors’ homes to create a geographically relevant segment. By appending IP addresses to individual locations, El Toro was able to target relevant targets within a specified radius at a one-to-one level.


El Toro’s post-campaign MatchBack Analysis compared the target group’s sales results versus the control group’s sales data. The analysis measures performance with tangible metrics such as conversion rates and return on investment.

Despite having a click through rate of .039%, a figure well below industry averages, and being half the size as the control group, the target group converted as final sales 202% more often than the control.

Moreso, the Return on Ad Spend for the campaign was an astonishing 13,100%, meaning that every dollar spent on Digital Canvassing yielded $131 dollars in incremental revenue.

El Toro targets real people in real households, which means our focus is on Return on Investment, not Click Through Rate-- It’s no bull, El Toro works.


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