Click Fraud & Changing The Way You Advertise Online

Phantom Advertising Stats

There are an array of companies online that can deliver hundreds of thousands of visitors to your website with the flick of a switch. You can decide where those “visitors” come from geographically and even where and how those “visitors” click through your page. This can be done for literally fractions of a cent. What does all this mean? Will those “visitors” actually buy something? Are these people even real humans? Who or what is behind these phantom stats?

Those are the questions that motivate us here at El Toro. We strive to establish a new baseline for industry standards each day. For us, campaign effectiveness is no longer based off how many people come to a website or how many likes you received on your Facebook page. It’s no longer sufficient enough to have 20% CTR and 10,000 page views to call it a successful campaign. Gone are the days where advertising to the whole zip code just to reach your target market of a few homes is satisfactory. A day has come where successful digital marketing requires us to be smarter and change the way we think about advertising on the internet.

Its all about Targeting, Sales & ROI.

El Toro is changing the game of digital advertising. The landscape is shifting from a focus on phantom stats to transparency, sales, conversions and proven return on investment. This transparency and ROI are achievable through targeted IP advertising campaigns with El Toro. While most clients produce above average CTR on the El Toro platform, concentration is placed on amount of sales generated from the real people sent to a website.

For the first time a detailed ROI report can be generated on your IP targeting advertising campaign. You will know exactly which houses will receive banner ads before the campaign starts. After the campaign is over your sales will be matched-back to the homes in the targeting segment. This is much like the transparency and traceability provided through direct mail, except El Toro targeting is for the online world.

Talk to us about how we can turn your CRM data into targetable segments and sales.


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